Thursday, January 15, 2009

September 15-18 Biosand Filter Workshop

A Vision for Clean Water has scheduled the next biosand filter training for September 15-18, 2009. This workshop will offer instruction and hands-on experience for participants in the construction of all components of the filter, including concrete containers, sand media, diffuser basins and lids. Participants will gain a clear understanding of the rationale behind the filter design, how to install it and how to instruct householders on its correct usage. The training will be conducted by CAWST.
This workshop will include modules on the fundamentals of water epidemiology, household water treatment alternatives, and alternate water sources. A proper understanding of these program elements is essential for the correct application of biosand filters. Other topics to be introduced include sanitation, hygiene, water quality testing and the global impact of clean water.
Theory: water issues, pathogens, disease transmission, household water treatment technology options and designs, water storage and hygiene.
Practical: construction, installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the biosand filter.
Implementation: model, requirements for a successful HWT program, developing a basic project plan including next steps after the workshop. Half of the workshop will be spent ‘getting dirty’ constructing and commissioning a concrete Biosand filter!

The cost is $500. Space is limited. We have sold out other years. For more information contact Eileen Heasley or call 248-689-5634.

Since 2003, in Nepal, over 10,000 individuals have received safe drinking water using Kanchan Biosand or SBL Ceramic Filters. We have donated filters to over 40 schools and built two toilets. In 2009, working with the Kathmandu- Midtown Rotaracts, ENPHO, and others, we are planning to target three villages in one section of the Kathmandu Valley. As we donate, we plan to fill in the gap between these villages until an entire section of the Kathmandu Valley has safe drinking water. We involve the schools, pre and post test the water, and use microfinancing to help individuals pay their portion of the cost. Our filter manufacturer undergos a monthly random testing procedure to ensure consistency and quality.