Monday, November 17, 2008

Board Members Visit Nepal

Board members John Heasley, Eileen Heasley and Kay Sulfaro visited Kathmandu to evaluate the existing projects and begin others.

The women’s organization has made a big difference this year. AVFCW now has a system in place to determine which families are most in need, how villagers can pay their portion of the filter costs and who from the village women can help with the hygiene awareness and evaluation.

Since last year, over 500 more families now receive safe drinking water. In one of the first villages AVFCW has supplied Kanchan Biosand Filters to all, repaired the existing pump, and built a new toilet with pump for the school. AVFCW also provided 4 new villages with SBL Ceramic Filters. WaterAid has followed the lead in some of the villages and provided over 100 toilets to the same households.

Since AVFCW began, over 10,000 individuals have received safe drinking water and over 300 children now have proper sanitation in school.