Sunday, November 25, 2007

Four AVFCW board members, traveling at their own expense, visited Kathmandu to initiate a water project in the village of Chobhar, Nepal. Local businessman Theo Steinert initiated the project to help the community with water-related problems.

ENPHO (Environmental and Public Health Organization) agreed to partner in the project and Rajesh Adhikari tested the Chobhar water sources and found that it was unsafe to drink. He suggested appropriate household filters. First pressure will be put on local government to improve the existing water source. Knowing that education is key to any long-term changes, school lofficials were recruited to teach hygiene awareness and water safety. Sundeep Karki, a Nepali with extensive experience in Chobhar, agreed to act as Project Coordinator in direct contact with village people and the Chobhar Community in general. More about the project will be posted as it is revealed to the villagers.

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