Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kathmandu Mid-Town Rotaracts and Troy Rotarians adopt a village in Nepal.

Troy Rotary, working with the Kathmandu Mid-Town Rotaracts, have decided to take their Kanchan Filter Project one step further and adopt a village of 22 households on the outskirts of Nepal. The water-related project began in 2003 by providing BioSand filters and hygiene awareness in the Kathmandu Valley. Over 40 Kanchan filters have been donated to schools, homes, and orphanages since that time.

The proposed village project will be partially financed by Rotary Clubs in the USA and Canada. Working with the villagers, the Rotaracts in Kathmandu oversee the placement of filters, toilets, chimneys, and manage the project. All are volunteers. They are expanding the project first by providing five BioSand Filters to households to create a demand in the village. When neighbors ask about the filters, more will be provided but only if they are cleaned and used properly. The villagers must either pay a portion of the cost or work to complete the projects. The school will be the hub of the project with a focus on hygiene awareness. Gradually, the Rotarians hope to repair the wells, provide toilets for the school, and ventilate the homes, and showcase this village as a model to be repeated.

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